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Did you ever imagine that midlife would be so challenging?
Has career burnout, divorce, or an empty nest got you wondering about what happened to your purpose in life?
Midlife can be the most rewarding and challenging time of life.
With age comes wisdom. And while you might not have the piss-and-vinegar you once had, there’s still so much great living left to do!
Whether it’s a relationship that’s gone sour…
A career that’s lost its spark…
Or a change in life that’s left you asking, “now what?”
You can have a Do-Over.
Here’s how:

The Great Do-Over 10-Week Group Program

Four times a year, join a bevy of other smart and savvy sisters looking for love or to conquer their next big dream.

There are two groups to choose from:

The Great Do-Over – Rewrite Your Love Story

If you’re just getting into the dating scene after divorce or widowhood or have been at it for a while without much success, then this is perfect for you.
Your confidence is shaken. The rules have changed and it’s hard to navigate the online dating scene.
This group is for you if…
  • You are suddenly single and want to regain your balance and reclaim your value
  • You want to find a true and lasting love, without making this a full-time job
  • You want to feel sexy in your skin, and have the confidence to go out and date again
  • You feel a bit intimidated about meeting potential partners online and would like to learn how to master this new world of online dating

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The Great Do-Over – Rewrite Your Success Story

This group is for you if…
  • You’re burnt out in your career and want to redefine your definition of success
  • You have big dreams, but worry that you don’t have the confidence to succeed
  • You’ve been in the same career for 20, 30 years – doing it quite well, but your pilot light is out. You want to do something different but are unsure how to figure out what that would be and how to make it happen
  • You’re an entrepreneur who’s been at it for more than a couple of years, you envision bigger success, but somehow it’s always right outside your grasp. You want clarity, structure, a reliable income, and you know your mindset is getting in the way

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The Great Do-Over Weekend Retreat

Whether in the Hamptons, Sedona, or somewhere off-the-beaten-path, The Great Do-Over Retreat is an experience like no other.
Immerse yourself for 3 days with a group of other soul-seeking women to find what you most long for in life. It’s a complete physical, emotional, and spiritual renewal.

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The Great Do-Over Escape

For a more intimate and personalized experience, join me in my Sag Harbor, NY home for a day that is specifically designed for you.

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Private Coaching

For longer-term support in reinventing your life after divorce, re-setting your career goals, or revamping your business to meet your income targets, private coaching is a great way to go.
I take a goal-driven approach to lead you where you want to be. It’s a longer-term view of where you want to be over the next 3, 6, and 12 months. It’s immersive and portable – no matter where you are in the world; we can meet via phone or video.

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And all of this is fun, fun, fun, fun, and more fun! (If it weren’t, I wouldn’t do it!)
Life is short and you deserve every moment to be filled with happiness. Open your arms and let’s go, go, go…
Want to see which option is right for you? Let’s chat
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Release Fear. Think Clear. Get Into Gear.

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