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I have considered many business coaches and programs and have never been inspired to pull the trigger until I spoke with Deb. What makes her the perfect fit for me is that she is a reflection of me. First of all, she is a woman, mother, has a corporate background, a spiritual path…she gets me. Being a woman entrepreneur in my fifties presents a very specific set of challenges, and Deb has the experience, compassion, and intelligence to see through it all, clear my overwhelm, and give me simple, powerful, effective tools for moving towards me goals. I am already seeing the success and effectiveness of my work with her.

Zoe Kors , Writer, Coach, Speaker, Sexologist

I began working with Deb when I knew that I wanted to take my career as a freelance medical writer to the next level but was not sure where to begin. I had become frustrated with the online gurus, each promising the perfect plan to success. I knew that I needed one-on-one mentorship to re-invent my business in a way that was unique to me. Deb challenged me to reach out to my potential clients and ask them what they needed, which ultimately led to the development of a new product concept. Deb has extensive experience in business and marketing and has been able to guide me in choosing the tools I need to move forward. She has identified needs that I didn’t know I had and has always responded to my concerns with wisdom and inspiration. Deb says there are no accidents, and I believe that is true—I discovered her just when I needed her in my life!

Sarah Cook, ND, Freelance Medical Writer

When I saw a Deb’s approach to online dating, I was intrigued.  As I learned more, I realized she was helping to turn my thinking around about dating in general.  This change in thinking has been the result of the time I have spent with Deb and my sisters in The Great Do-Over.  That may sound like a small thing, but it has had a tremendous impact in my life that extends well beyond dating. Through the change of thinking and support of Deb and some amazing women, I have changed my diet to healthy whole foods that are changing my body, my mood, and my energy level. I have changed my work profile from a self-proclaimed procrastinator to an energized proactive task accomplisher.  My entire approach to life has shifted, so that life is unfolding for me in a beautiful way.  

The tools that Deb leverages were not new to me, but the timing and the application have made all of the difference in my life. The most valuable parts of the program were the 1:1 sessions with Deb as well as the group sessions.  There’s something powerful about having people help me see my ingrained patterns.  That’s something that I have not been able to glean from a book.

Linda Donaho –

“The most valuable aspect of Deb Boulanger’s Great Do-Over program is the live group coaching sessions. During these sessions, I got the benefit of Deb’s coaching directly focused on what I was experiencing in my life at that moment – It’s where the magic happens! I have witnessed and experienced so many a-ha’s and breakthroughs, personally, and from the women she brings together. Deb fosters a vibrant, supportive community that exceeds any other group-coaching program that I have experienced.

Annick Magac –

“Deb opened the door to unlimited personal development that continues to cross all areas of my life ~ love, health, work and family. In her class and with her guidance, I learned, was enlightened, was challenged and broke through known and unknown boundaries. I loved the accountability I felt through participating in the class, and though I was hesitant about joining and opening up to group of women I did not know, it proved to be a very powerful and safe experience. Working with Deb provided me with the opportunity to see there is an exciting and endless world of possibility ahead of me. If you are on the fence, jump. You will have no regrets, just profound thanks.

Ashley M.

I was struggling personally & professionally, knowing I wanted more out of life, but I was stuck in a rut, unsure how to make changes. And then I started working with Deb. I doubt I would have had the courage to make all the needed changes had Deb not been cheering me on, making me believe I was worthy, capable, and simply had to ask for what I wanted and the universe would deliver.

When she found her soul mate, she was glowing and my response was “I’ll have what she’s having.” But first I had to open the space for it to happen, which involved extricating myself from a 30-year marriage, finding a new job that would enable me to be independent, and moving to another state.

It didn’t happen  overnight. It involved a lot of soul-searching and staying open to the possibilities. Deb’s positive energy is infectious and I highly recommend working with her, either individually or in a group, to learn how to create a more beautiful life. Why just exist when you can thrive?

Karen L.

“I had no idea what to expect when I signed up for Deb’s program. I just knew the stress in my life was overwhelming, and I was enduring one life changing event after another. In truth, I needed another, and the Great Do-Over turned out to be one of the most positive, invigorating, and powerful experiences I’ve ever had. With each step of the program building upon the next, my life has transformed into knowing the success I desire. Experiencing life through a different lens, I’m doing the things I love. Thank you Deb!”

Jennifer Withrow, Co-CEO Align Virtual Learning Solutions

In December of 2015, I was at a real turning point with my business as a health coach. It was not an easy decision to hire a coach.  I considered doing some courses like B-School but I didn’t want theory — I wanted to look deep into how I was going about things and see if I could really make my business start to work.  For that, I needed a personal relationship with a coach.

While I worked with Deb on a lot of things, a few stood out.  She helped me take a hard look at what I was charging (or rather under charging) for my private coaching.  After our first session, I raised my prices and never looked back.  While I had a strong confidence in my closing ability, she helped me have the sales conversation in a way that price really was not the focal point or the obstacle in the close.  My close rate is 100 percent!  I don’t recall a sale I have lost in six months.

I also didn’t have clarity on my offerings and now I have a series and a sequence of programs and services that are working for me at all times.  About half way through my coaching work, I got much clearer on the strength of my work and found myself more positive on a day-to-day basis. My self-doubt stopped talking in the background and I knew I was flourishing not floundering.

Based on the sales revenue from this year I’m up 190%  in the first six months of 2016 from where I was in 2015.  At this rate, I’ll I finish at 400% over last year!  Needless to say, I wholeheartedly recommend Deb!

Mary Brooks, CEO Sustainable Nutrition

“When I first met Deb I was unfocused and confused having gone through a divorce 6 years before. I was stuck in so many ways.

Deb’s program was been pivotal for me. I was struggling with some very real personal issues, and in every aspect of my life, that I didn’t even want to share with those closest to me.

This program increased my passion and confidence, and brought me back to life. It’s not that I don’t get challenged, but now I’m in control. I feel really inspired by my own life and journey, and look forward to my life!”

Melanie Drohan

“People actually ask me ‘what have you done?’ It’s not that I just look better, I now have an inner confidence and am comfortable in my own skin.

When I met Deb I was obese and in constant pain. Emotionally, my inner critic was in overdrive and I was very hard on myself. Throughout the program Deb adds a bit more until you understand which practices work for you. That had a major impact because I lost 45 pounds in the process over 4 months, and was able to shift my negative self-talk, which was holding me back in more ways than I realized.

Participating in this program was a cathartic process. I’m much more aware of what I need to do to feel good, and I LIKE feeling good! This experience has also impacted what I want to do with my life. I now want to help others, particularly young women.

You can’t do it for them. You have to offer tools and options and be there to guide them, and that’s exactly what Deb did for me.”

Lisa Leeman

“Everything in The Great Do-Over Program resonated with me. The work that in the very, very beginning had to do with finding out who I was at this stage in my life. I’m a mom, I’m a wife, I’m a twin, but who am I really? Now I know. It’s been a gift.

The most powerful practice was setting my intentions and goals for how I want to live. I became clear on what I wanted (and the person I wanted to become). Deb taught me how to take the negative out of it to get what I want and that was extremely powerful.

Throughout the process I lost 17 pounds by applying the information she taught us about nutrition. It gave me clarity on what foods to put into my body to feel the way I want to feel. It was a great experience. Everything is going well in my life. I couldn’t have done this without Deb. Being put on that path and being held accountable each week always helps.”

Laureen Pannullo

Thank you for waking and shaking me up!

“Deb is a terrific inspiration!  Learning how she created her own transformation and the tools she used continues to be a strong source of support. In each session we learned lifelong practices and I will always use them to continue my own evolution to Live a Whole Life. Thank you, Deb for waking and shaking me up, teaching me to love myself, practice self-forgiveness, self-love, self-care, and to take one day a time!”

Carolyn McCall, Consulting Group Global Fashion Business Development

Deb presents you with a rudder and a way forward…

“Developing a rapport with Deb was amazingly swift. Her keen intelligence, empathy and confidence in me never wavered. The attitudes and actions she advocates when a problem is presented leave you with a rudder, a way forward as well as greater comfort, all done with the privacy and commitment of a first rate professional.”

Sally Edwards

Everyone deserves Deb in their back pocket!

“Deb’s program saved my happiness during my divorce! Her knowledge and inspiration, the guest speakers, and the group sharing were fantastic. I quickly realized that I was not alone with my personal struggles and I made new friends along the way. Deb equipped me with tools to help me get back to fully enjoying life again. Everyone deserves Deb Boulanger in their back pocket! I am soooo grateful she became part of my life.”

Kim Eagen

Deb’s Workshop had a giant impact on me!

“I was at the point in my life where I knew I had to make some big changes, but I didn’t know where to start. Deb’s brilliant way of coaxing out of me what I really wanted to change was mind-blowing. The workshop had a giant impact on me and really has guided many the life decisions that I’ve made in the past year, which, I’m happy to say, were the right ones!”

Betsy Kent, Be Visible Associates

Deb has an amazing magnet factor…

“As a nationally syndicated radio host with three successful shows geared toward women’s issues, I am always pleased to host Debra Boulanger. She is a knowledgeable, articulate and entertaining speaker who encourages listeners to take ownership of their health, wellness and happiness and explains both challenges and solutions in a fresh and unique way. Whether she is a keynote or a private speaker in a small group setting, Debra Boulanger has an amazing magnet factor on stage and in person that draw people to her. She is simply outstanding.”

Sandra Beck, President – Motherhood Incorporated & Host of Military Moms and Poweredup Talk Radio

“Working with Deb has helped me completely transform my life. I have an incredible amount of energy for the first time in ages and am much more present and fully participating in my life. Overall, I’m in a perpetual state of happiness. It’s amazing. Thank you!”

B. Cohen

Release Fear. Think Clear. Get Into Gear.

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