Give First Alliance
Give First Alliance
As a social entrepreneur, I believe that an inherent aspect of an evolutionary business is acknowledging that we’re all connected.
givefirst_logo_transIt’s the understanding that what we create is not ours alone. And the cornerstone of an evolutionary business model is the practice of giving back.
This is why I’m a member of the Give First Alliance, a peer-to-peer network of business owners joining forces to give back by supporting a variety of causes including children’s education, human rights, animal rights, environmental conservation, and more.

Our Chosen Fund For 2017

Girls Who Code has gone from 20 girls in New York to 10,000 girls in 42 states. That’s the same number of girls who graduate each year with a degree in computer science. That’s progress! I’m proud to say we’re not just aiming to close the gender gap in tech — we’re actually doing it.

When girls learn to code, they become change agents in their communities. Whether it’s a game to illustrate the experience of an undocumented immigrant or a website to provide free college prep, our girls create technology that makes the world a better place. Like us, you believed in girls’ unlimited potential. Thanks to your support and contributions, together we’ve inspired thousands of girls to see a future in tech.

As part of our “Give First” campaign, the Great Do-Over will donate 10% of all proceeds from our group programs to Girls Who Code in 2017.

Please join me in supporting this cause.

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