Women love this escape…
So, I’m offering you this!

with Deb Boulanger

Are you single in midlife, fed up with dating, and ready to just give up for good?

Have you convinced yourself that being alone is okay, when really the truth is that you want to be in a relationship – a great relationship – but you’re not.

You’ve become steadfast, telling yourself…

  • I can’t find the right match for me…
  • I don’t have time to date…
  • I don’t have the confidence to even try…

And you believe “the good men are already taken.” “Men my age only want younger women.” or “I’m too old, too fat, too _________.” (you fill in the blank).

None of this is true. Nope. None.

The fact is you’ve lost touch with yourself. You’re looking for love in all the wrong places and your inner mean girl is running the show.

Join me for The Great Do-Over Escape and let’s re-write your love story.

You’ll gain the confidence and clarity to claim your ideal match by:

  • Become the woman you want to be loved
  • Clear your fears and stories that are keeping you stuck
  • Envision the partner you truly desire (hint: this has little to do with demographics or a checklist of physical characteristics)
  • Learn how to put the law of attraction to work in find the love you want and truly deserve.
  • Rewrite your love story

Here’s what we’ll do – Join me in my Hamptons home select days in July and August for a day-long retreat focused on re-writing your love story. Your day is customized to what you want to get done…

Do you want to…

  • Clear the fears that are holding you back?
  • Break the patterns that keep you attracting the wrong relationships?
  • Get a killer online dating profile?
  • Get confident in how to navigate the online dating world?
  • Create you ideal love and begin attracting him in?

Boom. Done.

We’ve got this.

Apply now and let’s get to work.


There is still time to make this your Summer Of Love!

There are only 8 opportunities available for Summer 2016, so don’t wait.

The Great Do-Over  Escape package will only be available while space lasts.

(Payment plans are available)


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Debra Boulanger is a coach, author, speaker and retreat leader for smart and accomplished women who want more from life—great health, incredible energy, passionate work and deeply satisfying relationships.

She is the creator of The Great Do-Over Retreats where she coaches clients in the basic tenants of how to clear away doubt and fear and live a courageous and rewarding life. She speaks with thousands of women each year through conferences, workshops, and syndicated radio.

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