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The Art Of Letting Go

'Let it go' You hear over and over again. Sometimes by well-meaning friends and relatives, but what does it mean to let it go? It’s a surrender to that which you can’t control." A belief in the highest good for all - especially you. It’s the knowing that you are on a...

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What’s your theme for 2017?

What is your theme for 2017? Pick one word that defines your intention for the year ahead. What do you want in the year ahead? Love? Courage? Joy? My word is TRUST - here's why. read more

Best Holiday Advice

This Wednesday Wisdom comes to you as a brief video about the best holiday advice I have to offer you this season. It’s likely you are running as fast as I am preparing for the holidays and I wanted to offer you my best advice for an easeful holiday season and how to...

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How to Get More of What you Want

Want to get more of what you want? Here are 6 strategies designed to work. I was talking with a returning client last week about how she can get more of what she wants in her life and I thought you’d like this coaching too. She’s crashing and close to burning with her...

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The truth about value and values

Last night in our group coaching session we had a discussion about value.... “Recently I had gone on a couple of dates with this guy that was really cute,” said one client. "Then he told me 'I've recently met this woman and I feel I need to explore that relationship....

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Are you ready to date? 7 Criteria for women over 40

Here you are, a single woman in midlife, are you ready to date? Whether you are new to the game or have been at it for far longer than you would like, dating in midlife is not always easy. The first question that new clients ask is, "How can I tell if I am ready to...

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