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How to find your passion

Do you ever ask yourself this? I mean really…. “What AM I passionate about?” Mostly the talk track goes… “I’m done.” “I can’t take it.” “Not one more day…” “I’m not bounding out of bed for this.” “I don’t respect my boss.” “I am losing respect for myself.” “I have no...

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Where to look for love – top 4 online dating sites

Which Online Dating Site Did You Use? Whenever I give a talk and share my story about finding the love of my life at 59, the first question is always, “How did you meet him?” “We met online.” I say… and of course the next question is “Which online dating site did you...

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Be My Valentine

I LOVE Valentine’s Day… It’s when lovers wax poetic on their feelings of love, men send flowers, chocolates, and cute stuffed bears with hearts to their women. It’s my man’s favorite holiday too… “I have plans,” he says to me with a sly smile as he brings me roses...

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If you can see it, you can live it

How to put the art of visioning to work in your life I’m still on a high from my Monday night session with The Great Do-Over Power Posse - it’s my group of Great Do-Over grads who are mastering the art of manifesting. We are still working our 2017 goals and dreaming...

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How To Find The Truth

Can you remember a time when someone accused you of something that you didn’t do, think or feel? Instead of jumping to conclusions ... ask yourself one simple question: “Is it true?” read more

The Art Of Letting Go

'Let it go' You hear over and over again. Sometimes by well-meaning friends and relatives, but what does it mean to let it go? It’s a surrender to that which you can’t control." A belief in the highest good for all - especially you. It’s the knowing that you are on a...

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